Thinking of buying property abroad?

On the coast? Countryside? Or in the city?

As a holiday-home; second home or to rent out and generate an additional income for you or any combination thereof?

There is plenty to consider; from location to transport connections, the availability and speed of broadband, parking and local utilities.

Currency exchange rates change every 3 seconds night and day

That means there are 28,800 exchange rate movements every 24 hours so even if you had all the free time in the world to monitor the markets yourself, you would have more than a full-time job on your hands.

The reality is that like most of us, life is already busy enough and now you will need to organise viewing trips; liaise with local estate agents and solicitors, possibly with the local town hall, architects, and builders too in addition to your normal life.

Relationship based business model

Cosmos Currency Exchange can make a real difference for you is with our pro-active, relationship-based business model. 

24/7 Service

Cosmos will guide you a step at a time; get you set up with an account in a matter of minutes and then monitor the currency markets 24/7 within your allotted time to alert you to opportunities as and when they arise in the market. 

Single biggest purchase

After all, buying a property, any property is for most of us, the most single expensive purchase in our lifetimes. Timing is everything in the markets. 

The alternative is you contact the bank or use an online app when you have the time to do so and accept whatever rate of exchange happens to be available at the time. 

There is a better way than leaving the timing of your currency purchase to fund your overseas property buy to chance. 

With no hidden extra fees and charges in our exchange rates, peace of mind is guaranteed. You will benefit from fair, low-cost transfers every time at bank-beating rates of exchange. 


Let Cosmos Currency exchange be part of your solution.

Drop us a line to see how we can help you with the most important purchase you will make

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