Your questions on security answered

Firstly, Cosmos has decades of accumulated experience to help guide you to the best result possible for you within your chosen timeframe. Secondly, we only work with tier 1 partners who have the highest accreditation with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority), the UK regulator. All client funds, regardless of amount or currency denomination are always held in protected, client safeguarding bank accounts held with our partners, The Currency Cloud and Equals Connect.

Whether you are an individual, charity or business Cosmos can help save you time and money with a currency payment solution tailor-made to meet your specific needs. Cosmos offers a free of charge and obligation discovery call and registration account. We will then carefully monitor the currency markets to alert our clients to opportunities and threats within your chosen timeframe. We add the convenience of local collection accounts for clients based in the UK, the EU, USA and Canada. All with a level of personal service you simply will find very hard to find elsewhere.

No. All our client funds are securely held in non-interest-bearing client safeguarding accounts with one or both of our fully FCA authorised partners (The Currency Cloud and Equals Connect) in any one of over 35 currency accounts. This way, you can be sure that if we suggest you wait for possible better times ahead to secure your particular currency payment exchange rate, it's not because of any ulterior motive on our part but instead, our honest opinion that for the reasons we will point out to you, we feel at that time that the exchange rate in question should improve for you within your chosen timeframe.

Once your registration account is open and activated, we will email you the client collection account details for your funds to be transferred into. We always recommend you telephone us to confirm these details. Likewise, when you email us the beneficiary details for the currency funds we purchase on your behalf, we will always call you before making the first transfer into that account to make sure the information we receive is the same as you have sent.

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